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More Customers!

Let me help you generate a CONSISTENT FLOW of new customers day after day!

Isn’t THAT what you are looking for?

More Revenue!

Increase customer frequency with the ability to make FUTURE offers ANYTIME you want!

Wouldn’t THAT be nice?

Let Me Prove It!

Let me put my proven strategy to work for you BEFORE you pay me for my service!



My unique system simply IDENTIFIES the people that are LOOKING TO SPEND MONEY EATING OUT for their special occasion


  • presents them with YOUR SPECIAL OFFER.
  • EXACTLY when they are looking for it!





We’re able to IDENTIFY and REACH your ideal perfect customer most likely to spend money with you.

Only your most profitable potential customers see your business ads and are presented your special offer EXACTLY when they are looking for it!



They sign up to receive  your special offer.

My SMART form delivers your offer AND collects customer information giving you the ability to also make FUTURE OFFERS any time you want, allowing your advertising dollars to work longer and more effectively.



Our proprietary system sends them sms(text) and email reminders.  This DRAMATICALLY  increases the show rate of customers.



Happy new customers show up on a consistent basis!


Automatic Tracking!

Our proprietary software automatically tracks your EXACT ROI giving you the confidence you need in your marketing dollar allowing you to put your time into running your business!

Fresh Customer Base!

Our unique approach opens up a new set of potential customers every 7 days!

Perpetual Offers!

Our system gives you the option to send FUTURE OFFERS to your growing list of new customers -again and again- as often as you want!



I figure the best way to convince you that my system works is to actually JUST DO IT for you!  …for FREE!!

AND I also figure that once you SEE how great this works that you will BEG me to let you become a paying client!

I am not a salesman and I do NOT want to be. I’m not interested in spending my time trying to talk you into something OR take up both of our time trying to explain how the system works. The bottom-line is you just want MORE customers and I hope you agree that you would rather me spend MY time actually bringing in those customers than explaining the details.

OF COURSE you need to know how the system works and what to expect before you’re all in…

…SO, in exchange for your FREE 30-Day Trial I simply ask that you take just 10 minutes and EDUCATE YOURSELF about my system using my info (these FAQs and my Explainer Video below).

That’s why I insist you fill out my application below to let me know you have ‘QUALIFIED’ yourself for the free trial.

NOPE! The Free Trial is the same campaign I will run for you after you begin paying me for my services.

My unique campaign ad will present your offer to people in your area who are celebrating a special event and are looking for a restaurant to spend money eating out. The trial campaign will give you the same Followup, Tracking, and Info Collection as my regular campaign…because it IS the same campaign.

I’m giving you 30 days at no charge for my campaign service to PROVE the system works and to GAIN you as a long-time client!

I’m giving you my services at NO COST for the 30 days. This includes all the setup, my special SMART form, the timely followup, and the data on any customers that come in.

To give you an idea of the value of my offer, an associate of mine charges over $1000/mo for this same service (don’t worry– my normal fee you’ll pay is WAY less than that!) so you are getting a good deal…no, actually a GREAT deal…especially if I bring you a bunch of new customers for FREE!

All I ask is that you cover the cost of the ad spend. We can set this amount at whatever you want but I suggest we start at $5-8/day. Of course, the more you spend on ads, the more people you reach and the more customers you get. But this budget should bring you  way more profit than you would normally pay me.

I set up my special campaign for you  — we let it bring you customers for 30 days…AND I won’t charge you for my services! All I ask is you cover the ad cost we agree on (about $5/day suggested).

AND the Setup, the powerful Follow-Up, the special Tracking — are all INCLUDED!

PLUS, you get to keep all the customer data we collect so you can make future offers to them whenever you want!

I’ve tried to make this as simple and as much of a ‘no-brainer’  decision as possible, SO…

…IF you like the results at the end of the 30-day FREE Trial you can sign up to become a paying client and I’ll keep bringing you customers every month.


You see, to keep the value of my offer high for my paying clients, I only want to work with 2-5 restaurants per area (depending on the density). This ensures that MY clients are well taken care of.

I will contact you after the trial period to let you know if a spot is still open in your area and to see if you want to sign up as a paying client. 

And if you DON’T WANT ME to continue to bring you customers…NO PROBLEM. You DO NOT HAVE TO CANCEL anything and you will NOT be charged anything.

We’ll part as friends…but then I’ll just start doing this for another restaurant in your area.

Well, you DO have to come up with your perfect offer (I can help) AND we will need to do a 15-20 min one-time setup together online.

Oh, and you will have to actually wait on the customers when they come in.

Other than that, I take care of all the rest!

Oh, yeah, one more thing you’ll want to do…make sure you check out your campaign tracking each month to see how much more money I’m bringing you than you are paying me.

First, I am NOT a salesman and do NOT want to be. I’m not interested in trying to talk you into something and would rather spend my time actually running my special system to bring my clients more customers. So, to get the FREE Trial you have a little (10 min) homework.

The second reason is related. Once you become a paying client, I still do not want to spend most of my my/our time explaining how every step works. It either works or it doesn’t and the free trial allows you to actually see the system in action with little to no risk.

And it allows me to work with restaurant owners/managers that will respect my time and are willing to invest just a few minutes upfront (one-time) to understand the system.

So, in trade for giving you a FREE trial (giving you PROOF it works by bringing you a bunch of customers) I expect you to educate yourself (with my info) on how my system works.

Of course, I will answer clarifying questions if necessary BUT only AFTER you have read/watched my few minutes of FAQ & Explainer Video (less than 10 min. total) .

Sound fair?

There are only 4 quick little things I ask you to do to qualify for the FREE trial (less than 10 min):

1- Read the entire FAQ list (you’re doing that right now)
2- Watch my 7-minute Explainer video below
3- Agree to give me a brief testimonial (selfie phone video) if you are satisfied with the results after the trial period.
4- Submit the application below.

Once I receive your application I will send you a list of the necessary info I need to set up your campaign and we can arrange for our 15 minute online setup meeting.

The results of my special campaign are actual IN-PERSON CUSTOMERS showing up at your restaurant bringing others with them and DETERMINED to spend more money than usual with you for their special occasion!

On top of that, you will have the right info to send FUTURE OFFERS to them any time you want!

The customers and the info you get are those responding DIRECTLY to YOUR offer and the campaign run for you. That information is not sold or given to anyone else.

The customers that respond to your ad are YOUR customers. In that regard, what my system produces for you is EXCLUSIVE.

*No one else gets the info on the customers who sign up for your offer!

HOWEVER, if we run campaigns for other restaurants in your same geographic area, we are approaching the same wide (but targeted) pool of potential customers. So if we stop there, my various clients may be competing with each other for the same customer. So, in this example, if the same customer responds to both ads  that customer can be ‘SHARED’ (just not by too many restaurants).

So, to counter that,I am only looking to have 2-5 restaurants (depending on the density of your area) as paying clients in a certain radius. This KEEPS THE VALUE HIGH  for my offer.

By limiting the number of paying clients, I have created the term ‘‘SEMI-EXCLUSIVE’ customer.

The customer will present their coupon  on their phone. When they check out, the server/cashier enters the total bill amount directly in the customer’s phone to redeem that coupon. This instantly records to our software.

Whenever you wish, you now can see the number of coupons that were sent, the number actually redeemed, and, most importantly, the total dollar amount the campaign brings in.

You have an automatic and instant picture of the ROI of the campaign!

This gives you the confidence you need to trust the system to work for you and to put your attention to running your business.

This should be something attractive enough to the customer to make it a ‘no-brainer’ for them to take you up on it. The way one successful owner put it to me was, “We want our offer to be juicy enough to make the customer feel stupid if they didn’t take it!”

An example of a great offer would be a BOGO main entree or something for free.

If you do not already have an offer like this made up, I can help.

This is one of the more ingenious and valuable features of the system. (This is why our SMART form is so awesome!)

Our proprietary software delivers the coupon offer to the customer which has a scheduling component (which the customer selects) and an expiration date related to the customer’s birthday. This helps foster a psychological commitment from the customer.

On top of that, the software then  automatically sends well-received text and email followups and reminders based on the date the customer chooses.

This combination DRAMATICALLY increases the show rate of customers!

YES! Check out our DEMO below.

Click the button and just follow the directions. It will give you an example of what a campaign might look like for you.

Ask me your questions HERE but PLEASE make sure you’ve been through the FAQs and the Explainer Video.

Most questions are answered in those and can save you time.


Want to see our system in ACTION?

Our approach to growth is:
   -and highly effective.

But we’d rather show you just how effective our system can be for you.

Click the button below to enter your info to find out exactly how we can help you dramatically increase business.


Explanation Video

Qualify for the FREE Trial by watching my Learn-How-Now explanation video.
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To Qualify:

(total 10 minutes)

1-Read the FAQ List
2-Watch the Explanation Video
3-Agree to give a brief Video Testimonial After The Trial
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